Use the Conditionality web application to write qualitative investment research as a Scenario Graph. This is like Facebook’s Social Graph that links friends, but it links scenarios for issues in investors’ research, enabling them to decision-tree an investment and even a portfolio of investments.

  • Conditionality can help investors to perform better scenario analysis for an investment by . . .
    • Better organizing the qualitative evidence that they now collect in file folders
    • Using that evidence to better support the qualitative judgments that they now write in a Word memo for a few key issues for an investment
    • And using those judgments to automatically drive more scenarios than they now create manually by poking at an Excel spreadsheet several times.
  • Furthermore, Conditionality can help investors to perform scenario analysis for an entire portfolio of investments by leveraging their forward-looking qualitative research, complementing any scenario analysis produced from backward-looking quantitative data.